Take the Israelite out of Egypt, and Egypt out of the Israelite – 30 Days of Liberation, Day 27

Tradition has it that as Passover commemorates our past redemption, the Messianic era will also begin on Passover. That’s why we invite Elijah the Prophet to our Seder, in the hopes that redemption is at hand. But redemption, we are taught, comes in two forms, political and personal. The 1st redemption was political – the Israelite nation was freed from Egyptian slavery. The 2nd, then, will (at least in part) be personal – removing “Egypt” from the heart of each Israelite. This Passover, redemption will come, whether we happen to be in Zion or the Diaspora, if we turn our hearts from the enslavements of narrowness, callousness, and indifference.

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