My 1st Year of Fatherhood: What I’ve Learned

story timeToday is my first (and, at the moment, only) daughter’s 1st birthday. A bittersweet opportunity to reflect on the year that was, I wanted to share some of things that I learned in this first year of fatherhood:

    • The most basic means of human communication is the cry; everything we say in our language are just cries, masked.
    • Until I had a child, I thought that love was a finite resource; turns out, you can love multiple people “all the way.”
    • I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are not born “blank slates,” but rather come into this world with innate personalities, character traits, and predispositions. A child comes into the world this extraordinary little package and offers herself as a gift to her parents. The parents’ job – harder than it sounds – is to accept the gift.
    • It is extraordinarily hard as a parent not to become your parents, though that is not always a bad thing.
    • Similarly, it is really hard (maybe impossible) to be cool and a parent at the same time.
    • Babies are surprisingly resilient.
    • The female body is truly miraculous.
    • Mothers are the closest we have on earth to honest-to-goodness superheroes.
    • I can’t even begin to imagine how single parents do it.
    • Our culture forces an impossible choice between parenthood and career, a fact that many mothers justly lament, but also one that more silently devastates fathers; America can do better by its parents and for its children.
    • “Good enough” is preferable to perfect.
    • I owe my child WAY more than she owes me.
    • The time really does go by too fast, but that is precisely what makes each moment so precious.
    • You don’t have to have a lot of wealth to be the richest person in the world.
    • The meaning of life is to love, and the meaning of love is to give.

Parents, what did I miss? What have you learned?

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One Response to My 1st Year of Fatherhood: What I’ve Learned

  1. Uncle Nose says:

    I am more than happy to have become my parents. General Patton said to General Romme,l When defeating him “I read your book”. If my parents wrote the book on morality, child rearing and an honest life I must have read it. Today I sleep soundly every night because I live by their example.

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