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Do You control Your Monuments, or Do They Control You? – Shavuot 2017

Recently, the City of New Orleans removed its Confederate monuments, prompting both celebrations and protests. The actions and their aftermath reverberated across the country and, not surprisingly, into Virginia. Protests and counter-protests erupted – violently – in Charlottesville a couple … Continue reading

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From Great to Good: Rosh Hashanah Day 2, 5777

In the 19th Century, British philosopher Thomas Carlyle argued that history is mainly about the accomplishments of great people. Since then, many thinkers have pointed out the flaws in Carlyle’s “Great Men” theory, but, whether intentionally or not, history is … Continue reading

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Why Israel Matters (to me, at least) – Va-Et’hanan 5775

Today marks the second week of our sermon series about Israel. I wanted to spend some time together this month unpacking several takeaways from my recent trip to Israel and, in general, talking about our relationship to the Jewish State … Continue reading

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What ‘Boyhood’ can us about Hebrew School

This award season, the film to beat appears to be Richard Linklater’s daring and inventive triumph “Boyhood.” Linklater filmed with the same cast over the course of 12 years, which enables the viewer to follow the two young protagonists as they … Continue reading

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