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A Eulogy for Helen Zimm (z”l)

Today, I had the painful honor of burying my dear friend and teacher, Helen Zimm. The experience was made even more painful by the fact that most of Helen’s family and virtually all of her community were not able to … Continue reading

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Illumin8: 4th Night – The Audacity of Hope

Rabbi Hugo Gryn, a Holocaust survivor who grew to become a prominent British rabbi, once told a story about the time he shared a barrack in Auschwitz with his father: In spite of the unspeakable horror, oppression and hardship, many Jews held onto what … Continue reading

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Only Hope Can Save Us

Widespread despair. If nothing else, that has been one result of the recent fighting between Israel and Hamas. After all, there have been two seemingly identical wars in the past six years. This cycle of hostility has begun to feel … Continue reading

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