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You Don’t Need Likes to Be Loved

With your permission, I want to share something personal tonight. My hope is that, by baring a little of my soul, I might offer us all a new framework to embrace this holiday. Too often, we encounter Yom Kippur as … Continue reading

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In The Face of Injustice, ‘Neutrality Is Not a Morally Acceptable Option’

Passover, the Jewish holiday commemorating the enslavement and liberation of the Children of Israel from Egypt, is right around the corner. In just a few days, Jews everywhere will gather not only to recall the story of the Exodus but … Continue reading

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The Book of Esther is a Cautionary Tale of Money in Politics

Jews around the world will gather this weekend for the Purim tradition of reading the biblical Book of Esther. Despite the book’s antiquity and its often-farcical tone, there could not be a more relevant text for our time. At its … Continue reading

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