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6 Years as a Rabbi: What I’ve Learned

A few weeks ago, I completed my sixth year as a rabbi. As I look ahead to the next stage of my professional life, I find myself reflecting on the wisdom I’ve gained on my journey so far. Much like I did when … Continue reading

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30 Days of Liberation 2017

The Talmud teaches that, during the 30 days before Passover, we should learn about matters related to the holiday. In that spirit, I composed a brief message for each of the previous 30 days, drawing from the wisdom Passover imparts. I hope you find these … Continue reading

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From Great to Good: Rosh Hashanah Day 2, 5777

In the 19th Century, British philosopher Thomas Carlyle argued that history is mainly about the accomplishments of great people. Since then, many thinkers have pointed out the flaws in Carlyle’s “Great Men” theory, but, whether intentionally or not, history is … Continue reading

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And his name in Israel shall be called…

Today, I had the joy and honor of bringing my new son into the covenant of the Jewish people and bestowing upon him his name. More thoughts to come on the experience of circumcising my son – I actually performed the … Continue reading

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