Rabbi Knopf’s Jewish Legal Writings

Rabbi Knopf writes extensively on matters of halakhah (the Jewish legal tradition). To read any of the papers listed below, please contact rabbi.knopf@bethelrichmond.org.


Reciting Blessings Over Forbidden Foods

The Lengths and Limits of Honoring Parents

Chicken and Dairy

Redeeming Captives

Burial in Mausoleums

Shaving with a razor

The Legal Responsibility of Jewish Hotel Patrons

Judicial Discretion

Is Pornography Kosher?

The Divorce of the Lapsed Convert

Modesty in Dress


Other Writings:

In Search of Heschel, Soloveitchik, and the Halakhic Man

Why I Believe in a Conservative Approach to Halakhah

Making a Godly Halakhah


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